development program

Emirati talent has exceptional training and development needs, and these needs require specifically designed training solution which would sharpen their both cognitive and analytical skills, and unleash talent potential. At Iwillgs we understand Emiratisation challenges employees face today. Focused on equipping UAE nationals with practical and relevant skills, our EMIRATI Development Program is a unique training solution, designed to meet demands of the modern business reality and ensure their superior performance in the workplace.
We offer A to Z Emiratisation tailored training solutions:
  1. EMIRATI Fresh Graduate Development
  2. Soft Skills
  3. Management Courses
  4. Corporate Finance & Banking Training
  5. Specialist Industry Training
  6. Coaching for Industry Certification Exams
  7. Executive Coaching

We ensure that customized case studies and practical elements are considered and utilized for maximized learning outcome.

Contact us on wecare@iwillgs.com to enquire more about our development programmes offered for Emirati Nationals


Bridge Gaps with EMIRATI Focused Solution

RELEVANT and PRACTICAL Knowledge : At Iwillgs we understand that no skills requirements and knowledge are the same in different industries, and even various job roles require certain specialized suite of knowledge and skills. General knowledge and skills set does not mean effective practical use. Many of our clients are already aware that what works in manufacturing for HR manager, for example, may not "flow" within financial services. For instance, competency requirements and career progress process for accountants that HR manager should be aware about, in banking field vary from a manufacturing company accountant. Our trainings are designed in a way to equip people with knowledge and skills which are applicable in their actual job.


SIMPLICITY & CLARITY : Our courses are delivered without unnecessary complexity, to help students actually understand comprehensive business principles and processes, and apply them in the workplace.


COMBINATION of Skills : For modern organizations to be competitive their employees must be equipped with people skills, apart from technical job knowledge. For instance, trainers in car manufacturing company, must have engineering background, human resource skills, and customer focused mindset to succeed in their roles. Our Emiratisation tailored courses outlines job specific requirements and provide comprehensive set of skills.


INNOVATIVENESS and CREATIVITY : The courses, developed as a part of Emirati development program, hence Iwillgs is the only institute in UAE when trainings are specifically tailored for local staff needs and bank industry operating in local realities. Our programs include exercises and assignments about business cases to enhance creative problem solving skills of the delegates. The mode of training delivery is made in a way to make understanding business concepts easy and simple, and students are less reluctant to ask questions.


ADOPTED to Cultural needs : Given different cultural context of local staff, we adopted our training approach for Emirati delegates to increase effectiveness of our programs. Even our English programs are delivered in a way to avoid cultural references which may not be understood by local nationals. Our trainers use plenty of visual materials to help the participant maximize learning and improve their English language skills effectively. To let you and your staff completely forget about language barriers, we also provide Arabic speaking coaches who can deliver programmes in both Arabic and English languages.


The OUTCOME of our Emirati Development Program for HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENTS in organizations:

  • MAXIMISED WORK READINESS as a result of our 360 degree practical and effective training solution.
  • REDUCED TURNOVER OF EMIRATI STAFF with increased job satisfaction, and faster adaptation to job expectations & organizational culture.
  • IMPACT ON BOTTOM LINE by reducing on-boarding period of new hires & improved job performance.